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Client Success Stories

J. Matsumura  -  San Bernardino, CA on picture
J. Matsumura – San Bernardino, CA
Hi Noé, I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I thought you were a fine agent to work with. After we decided to sell, because we’re tired of being Landlords you help us to sell this house in “as-is” conditions, because we didn’t wanted to deal with Contractors to fix the House and being Vacant while in the market, you made things easier for us and Sold this house with Tenants and told us Buyer will take care of after we close Escrow, that really made a huge difference, other buyers wanted the house Vacant and some of them even wanted large amount of Credit to get the House fix. Your Buyer close fast, and we even contacted our Tenants after Close of escrow and they’re happy with the way you handled their situation, giving them time to move out while they find another house to rent. We’re glad you took all the responsibility of Repairs and didn’t came back with unusual requirements as we were told to watched out for when selling to an Investor. Thanks again from my wife and myself.
Mike Yepez  - Pomona, CA  on picture
Mike Yepez – Pomona, CA
Thank you Noé for a great job you did buying our house in Pomona. This house was in Escrow twice and the Buyers back-out because the foundation problems, in both instances we opened Escrow and then they’ve tried to get a huge discount, that was not fair and we were forced to Cancel the agreements, but you told us from the beginning that will close in 15 Days and you had a Cash buyer and buying “as-is” everything went as promised and close in a timely manner. We will be giving referrals with other properties my family owns in this City. We sure appreciate your sincere attitude being cordial, and very professional. Thanks for making the process of selling our home go so smooth.
M. G.-Williams  -  Fontana, CA on picture
M. G.-Williams – Fontana, CA
I would highly recommend Noé Rodriguez to anyone in need of selling their house Fast. At a time when both experience and efficiency were needed, you showed both in the handling of my paperwork, the time when we have to had close and being considerate with all the lock out from the Code Enforcement we had for the last 5 Years, we really needed to move and you and your team did it everything on time. It was a pleasure doing business with you and if you have to do again we’ll be giving you a call.
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